Hylomar® Advanced Formulation FAQs

Q: What makes Hylomar® AF different from other sealants?

A: Hylomar® AF is highly resistant to oils and fuels while remaining as a non-hardening, high viscosity paste. It is also solvent free and can be used in high production environments.

Q: Is Hylomar® AF an RTV silicone product?

A: No. Hylomar AF® is not an RTV silicone.
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Hylomar® M FAQ’s

Q: What is Hylomar® M?

A: Hylomar® M is a non-hardening gasket sealer.


Q: Can I use Hylomar® M for applications requiring water resistance?

A: While Hylomar® M is good in water for excellent water resistance use Hylotyte® Red 100.
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Q: What does HYLO®CLEAN do?

A: HYLO®CLEAN can be used as a cleaner and degreaser to remove oil, grease and dirt from joint surfaces prior to application of a sealant. Uniquely the product will also remove old Hylomar® jointing compound (something that is difficult to do).


Q: How do I use the product?

A: Spray the product onto the surface to be cleaned and immediately wipe off with a clean cloth or paper towel.


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Hylotyte® Red 100 FAQ’s

Q: Can Hylotyte® Red 100 be used for both fuel and water?

A: No. Hylotyte® Red 100 is not resistant to fuel and should not be used to seal any joint where fuel is present. However, it is highly resistant to hot water and engine coolant.
Q: What is semi-hardening?

A: Semi-hardening means the product provides an instant seal; however it will harden over time, increasing its resistance to environmental conditions.

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