Hylomar Creates U.S. Subsidiary to Extend International Market Superiority

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European Industrial Adhesive Manufacturer Hylomar Creates U.S. Subsidiary to Extend International Market Superiority

Hylomar Universal Blue/Hylomar M the leading non-setting gasket & jointing compounds in the world

“It Just F***ing Works” National Multi-Media Marketing Campaign Introduces U.S Public to Top-Quality Products

Chicago, IL – October 16, 2015:  Hylomar, a widely used and respected manufacturer in the international automotive, aerospace and industrial aftermarkets, has created U.S. subsidiary Hylomar LLC to introduce Americans to its growing portfolio of high-quality aftermarket products, it was announced today by Hylomar LLC CEO Sean Maloy.  Among the world-famous brands that use Hylomar products are Aston Martin, BMW, Fiat, Ferrari, Ford, Mercedes, Land Rover, John Deere, and Siemens.  To launch the brand Hylomar has introduced a national multi-media marketing campaign (It Just F***ing Works) to promote the British manufacturer’s intention to carry its success across the ocean to the U.S.

“If you visit garage workshops in the UK most of them will have at least one tube of Hylomar in their toolbox,” said Hylomar Limited Sales & Marketing Manager Warrick Dawson. “It is the go-to product for sealing flat metal to metal joints where no gap filling is required.  The aerospace version of Hylomar is specified by Rolls-Royce plc and by most of the jet engine manufacturers around the world. In fact, if you have flown on a jet aircraft then the chances are that Hylomar sealants will be in the engine.”

The “It Just F***ing Works” marketing campaign contains a variety of elements, including a U.S. microsite; major social media participation; and Brand / How-To Videos. “Our research showed superior efficacy was a position we could own in the market, even in the face of low brand awareness and significant marketing spend by the two established brands,” said Scott Markman, President of The Monogram Group, Hylomar’s US agency. “So we recommended a very edgy campaign that pushed the envelope in connecting with our target markets.”

Hylomar Universal Blue already dominates 50% of the European non-setting gasket & jointing compounds market, as does Hylomar M.  Two new products, Hylotyte Red 100 and Hylomar Advanced Formulation, are being featured at various automotive aftermarket conventions this season.  Hylotyte Red 100 is the latest generation of semi-hardening gasket compound, particularly suited to sealing joints with rougher machined surfaces. It is resistant to hot water making the product particularly suitable for use on water pumps and thermostats.  Hylomar Advanced Formulation is a solvent free non-setting gasket and jointing compound that is approved/specified by John Deere, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls-Royce.

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