Hylomar® Advanced Formulation FAQs

Q: What makes Hylomar® AF different from other sealants?

A: Hylomar® AF is highly resistant to oils and fuels while remaining as a non-hardening, high viscosity paste. It is also solvent free and can be used in high production environments.

Q: Is Hylomar® AF an RTV silicone product?

A: No. Hylomar AF® is not an RTV silicone.

Hylomar AF
Q: What is Hylomar® AF?

A: Hylomar® AF is a solvent free non-hardening gasket sealer.

Q: What is non-hardening?

A: Non-hardening means that no reaction will take place once the product has been applied. The product remains as a high viscosity paste.

Q: Is Hylomar® AF resistant to fuel?

A: Yes Hylomar® AF is resistant to most fuels.

Q: Can I use Hylomar® AF for applications requiring water resistance?

A: Hylomar® AF is not recommended for high temperature water applications. The best product for this job is Hylotyte® Red 100.

Q: Can Hyloma®r AF be used without a gasket?

A: Yes. Hylomar® AF can be used without a gasket. Care must be taken to make sure if a gasket is being replaced that it did not have a shimming effect on the application.

Q:  Can I use Hylomar® AF as a thread sealant?

A: Yes, Hylomar® AF is good for sealing threads.

Q: Can I use Hylomar® AF on rubber gaskets and o-rings?

A: Hylomar® AF is excellent for use on rubber o-rings and gaskets.